Mesabi Nugget

PROJECT:  MESABI NUGGET • Iron Nugget and Coal Fines

Client Request:

Mesabi Nugget wanted to replace their existing iron nugget and coal fines mix from the discharge of their existing cooler to a “new” surge bin inside their processing building in Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota.  The challenge was to design, fabricate, and deliver to the site in time for their September, 2011 outage – beginning engineering in April, 2011!

ICD Group Solution:

ICD Group provided complete design engineering services, fabrication, delivery to the site, and complete site supervision for four (4) replacement conveyors.  These conveyors were truss type initial design, but allowed for a “future” gallery to enclose these “dual” conveyors.

Two (2) “dual” conveyors from the cooler to a “new” surge bin and two (2) “dual” conveyors from the surge bin to the new storage/surge bin inside the processing building were delivered in September for installation during the same month’s outage.  This involved some 1,400 ft. of 36” wide X 5 ft. deep truss sections; with support bents and gravity take-up sections.

Working closely with the construction crew, ICD’s site supervisors received the truck deliveries and staged these in an order that could be erected in the shortest time possible to meet the tight deadline. The system was brought on-line in early October with virtually no problems and is producing up to capacity with no ongoing maintenance issues.

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