Nu-Iron Trinidad


Client Request:

Nu-Iron Trinidad requested a system addition to their existing primary screening system for iron oxide pellets.  ICD was asked to tie into their existing system and “add” a secondary screening station that would remove an additional 3 – 5% of ore fines and transfer the “overs” or usable iron ore back into their conveying circuit to deliver iron ore to a Megamond Midrex DRI Module.

ICD Group Solution:

ICD Group designed a new conveying system, secondary screen tower, fines removal conveyor, and transfer conveyor system to tie into the existing circuit delivering iron ore to the DRI module.

A 600 MTPH Kinergy screen was purchased to screen the product.  ICD Group provided a tower enclosure for this screen and associated fines removal conveyor and chute work to the existing conveyor circuit to the DRI module.  The system was installed during a five (5) week outage and then placed “on-line”.

The system now removes up to 5% of additional fines and transfers better product to the DRI module.  This helps to reduce the fines for the end DRI product made at this location and transcends into a better shippable product to the various Nucor mills in the States.  A complete remote I/O control system was provided to tie into their central control system.

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