Leaders in bulk material solutions.

Complete systems engineered to increase efficiency and productivity.

About Us

Combined 60+ years experience, working for you.

ICD Group engineers fully vertical solutions from the front-end design, manufacturing and installation, right through to on-site training, full system simulations and post-project follow-up.


We focus our 60 years of combined experience to create affordable material handling systems that integrate seamlessly with your existing operations for maximum return on the investment.


Founded by a group of professionals and engineers who act as project managers in their areas of expertise, we are hands-on and collaborative in order to create a quality experience, from the design and manufactured goods, to our exceptional customer service.



Material Handling Systems

Affordable material handling systems created for maximum returns to you.  


Complete knowledge of DRI and HBI handling, designing equipment with life-long reliability.




Design, engineering and controls for furnace feed systems, for superior efficiency.



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